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Jealousy in Ministry….

A true artist is never someone who becomes jealous of the next persons gift or talents. A true artist knows when in contact with other artist who have the same gift as them or might even be better than them to take it as a learning experience, because in all reality we can all learn from eachother or at the most be proud for eachother and how God is using them. The way God set up gifts and talents….he did it so that there’s room enough for you in your ministry.

"This Is My Life and I Can Do Whatever I Want"

"This is my life and I can do what I want"….biggest lie eveeer. I’ve long since realized that my life is not my own. Though God (being the gentlemen that he is) gives us all free will or choice per say, there’s something about when you’re his. The term "he will keep you" could never be more true. Because even when I find myself falling off, wanting to do or say things that could take his grace from me something in me tells me to “tighten up” or I find myself speaking over me telling me to “calm down cuz you acting crazy right now” or something in my plans go awry, I know its him keeping me, just the fact that in all of my 22 years of living I havent experienced as much as much to say i’ve lived this alternate kind of life & never have had the desire for alot of things my peers were or are into, I know he’s keeping me. He won’t just let you do any old thing, not now, not ever. #Jude1:24
So we’ve been studying up off in Exodus 6-10 in bible study for the past week, and took the test yesterday! (so hype that i passed! btw) I was looking for the link to watch the movie and BAM! I see this…..Lol  

Satan is ratchet.

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To My Future Mr.,

To, My Future Mr.

It’s taking a long time for us to meet, is it not? Lol
perhaps i think, maybe we’re not ready or one of us is lacking more than the other.
and or maybe its only a matter of time til we’re perfectly molded for each other and then
BAM!……we meet! (aw! snap, gettin’ butteeerflies! lol)
I’m not sure of the former but I know that everything is perfectly in God’s timing.
From, the who, what, when, where, why, and how? All of it’s perfectly planned.
I think about you a lot. And what you’re like, what sorts of interest you have, will you be
on the artistic side of life like I am and we can be this powerhouse couple, or more chill and laid back to balance me out. (because its gets a little complicated round these parts Lol)
I wonder about those things. 
But above all, I pray that God steady you, That you allow him to make you into the perfect husband and father, as I yours.
I pray that you don’t fall into diverse temptations (and lust after other women cuz i’m not havin’ it Lol….j/k j/k…….-__- ?) just wait for me like i’m waiting for you.
My future Mr., I love you and I haven’t even met you yet ♥

Your Hopeful Romantic.


Got my new Wear His Word Tee, hurrah!

ourgodisawesome asked: I don't blame you! I could also use some good friends so that makes the two of us :)

So we should be tumblr besties. Plus I love reading your post and the pictures as well.

Taming of the Tongue

So today while browsing FB I came a across a post….and I was actually caught off guard by what this person posted. Normally he/she would talk about God and then some post here and there would be to talk about a few other things and then other times it was a bit on the negative side of life (you know how some stuff just doesn’t agree with your spirit man) well moving on, this post contained cursing and just use of bad language and talking down to some people and i was a little caught off guard but not surprised. But to see this come from someone who post’d scriptures and talk about God really did confuse me. And I just began to think about what about the people watching who don’t know God and how this adversely affects their views on Christians. That we don’t know how to “live out what we preach”, that we’re just “all talk”, and “hypocrites”. And it flustered me a little because I could understand why James in the bible in the book of James the 3rd chapter talked about how we shouldn’t let blessing and curses proceed from our mouth, and those who don’t know how to control their mouths shouldn’t become teachers. Though the tongue is an unruly member and no man can tame it, We as Christians ought not to be living a double standard life urging one thing but living out another. Speaking in love or of kindness or of peace, and of Joy these things people look for in the heart of a christian no more than they look for fruit to come from a tree.

#Proverbs18;21 Life and death are in the power of the tongue, and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof